Niverville Primary Health Care Centre

The Niverville Medical Clinic is proud to be part of a unique team of health professionals, called the Niverville Primary Health Care centre. This is a special cooperation between the town of Niverville, who had the vision and the South East Health Authority who provided the staff. The result is a multidisciplinary team that brings together Public health, Mental health, Home Care, Midwifery, Laboratory services, Nurse triage, Chronic disease management with the medical clinic.
All of us have worked together to try and create a patient centered service, housed on different floors, that seeks to look after the whole person.


For Parents

We love seeing children at NMC. We also know that they can often have special needs so don’t worry if they seem a little more noisy. We have a play area outside the clinic which means they can play and relax there safely.
Often after a visit, we like to reward our small patients with a treat, either a sucker or a sticker. We will usually ask you, the parent first, if this is ok for you. Please feel free to let us know your wishes, we do not want to contravene your wishes in anyway.
Where possible when doing embarrassing examinations, we will get the parents to help so as to avoid mixed messages for the child


The clinic is unashamedly pro vaccination and is happy to discuss your concerns re the current Manitoba vaccination schedule. We also recognize individual choice and preference and will support you what ever decision you may wish to take. We do prefer that childhood vaccinations get given by the public health nurse, but on special occasions can accommodate these in the clinic.

Early Development

It is important that a health professional examine your child at a regular interval during their first 2 years of life, prior to starting kindergarten and possibly on starting middle and high school. These are milestones in their development and it is often useful to chart these. We are of curse very happy if you have a pediatrician whom you wish to continue seeing. However your family physicians are very willing to look after children and refer to pediatric specialist as required. If you have questions then come in and we can talk about them.